Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – 2 September 2019

I am Christ’s and:
I must break down ungodly strongholds

“Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”  (1 Peter 5:8)

Have you ever observed something in your child that bothers you but you can’t identify what it is?  Have you ever detected an expression on your child’s face that you knew was guilt but you didn’t know the reason for it?  When that happens, don’t ignore your God-given instincts as a parent.  Ask God to reveal what it is you are sensing so that God can reveal any ungodly stronghold erecting itself in the flesh.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your child’s sins you are sensing.  It could be hurt or fear your child could be experiencing.  It could be hopelessness, confusion, envy, selfishness or pride.  It is impossible to guess, especially if your child doesn’t talk about it.  Therefore it is best to ask God to reveal it to you, by praying about it even if you don’t get a clear leading right away, keep at it, so that the power of the Holy Spirit can penetrate the lives of our children and deliver them from evil.

Dear Lord, thank you that You have promised in Your word to deliver us when we cry out to You.  We come to You on behalf of our children and ask that You would deliver them from any ungodliness that may be threatening to become a stronghold in their lives.  Lord, we put our children in Your hands, guide, protect and convict them when sin is trying to take root.  Help us as parents to depend on You, to guide us to be the parents You want us to be, to help our children and strengthen them in the battle when Satan attempts to gain a foothold in their lives.

Pharos blessings
Fanie & Team